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1945 - Tragedy in L'Anse Grise

2007 L'Anse Grise Children's Mardi Gras run

2006 L'Anse Grise Children's Mardi Gras run

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A very energetic young lady by the name of Mardell Sibley is planning a family reunion Feb 16, 2013, week-end after Mardi Gras, at the Yambilee Bldg. in Opelousas. It is going to be incredible... and she needs some help to spread the word; I have pledged do what I can to help her!

There will be military and cowboy info of our families, and she needs, and is looking for, more info!!

Vidrine/Andrepont and Hargroder/Rivette were her great great grandparents, but this reunion has expanded to include the Ortego, Fontenot, Soileau, Doucet, Pitre, Prudhomme and related families.

This reunion will have information showing the areas of France we came from, the areas we worked (maps of all of the French forts in Colonial French LA) and much more!

Details will be updated as they become available.


Good news! The website has been renewed for another two years. There may not be as much activity, but we'll be here.


It is with deep sadness and regret, that I announce that the "Possum Cook Out" will no longer be held in L'Anse Grise; I guess that the time has come for others to take over. The fate of this website is a little up in the air at the moment, but will be on line for at least for another few months; more later.


On March 6, 2011, we had our annual "Possum Cook-Out" in L'Anse Grise. As has been happening the last few years, no possum showed up. Luckily, Rocky Sexton brought us some Indiana corn-fed deer for a gravy, for which I am very grateful...and a gravy we made. Attending were Rocky Sexton, Cory McCauley, Roland Guillory, Jude Moreau, Bobby Michot, Bernie David, Bernie's friend, Sheryl, Brian Marshall, Darrel Fontenot, Jr., Bryan Lafleur and Jason Vidrine (all musicians); Darrel Fontenot, Sr., and my wife, Pinky. There were a couple of more guest, but I cannot remember their names - I apologize. I really hope that I'm not forgetting anyone, and if I am, I apologize for that, too. A good time was had by all - plenty of food and drinks. A few pictures of the event are posted here.



1 January 2011

The rumors became a reality on 23 January 2011. On that day we put on a mock boucherie, cooking a whole (50-60lb dressed) pig on the pit. We started fairly early in the morning, seasoned the pig and prepared it for putting on the pit. The approximately 30 guest started arriving at about 9:30 or 10 in the morning and in no time the music got cranked up. The food was served at 2 p.m. The music was to continue until about 4 that afternoon. We were very please with the outcome. As usual, our preparation was a little lacking, but I think that if we did this for 20 years, there would still be a few things that would catch us off guard in the way of preparations. It was a great day. A few pictures and a short video can be seen here.


2 Nov. 2010
There are very powerful rumors in the air that we will have another invitational boucherie towards the end (third week-end?) of January 2011 in L'Anse Grise; stay tuned for more information.


The afternoon of August 14, 2010...what a great time for a L'Anse Grise French music jam! While the Mamou Cajun Festival was roaring in Mamou Saturday afternoon, David Bertrand (Basile) brought some wild pig steaks to throw on the barbeque pit for that evening. Attending were musicians, Jude Moreau (Port Arthur-accordion), David (accordion), Roland Guillory (guitar), Christian Lejeune (Baton Rouge-fiddle), my grandson Jason Vidrine (guitar-future star) and son, Bryan Lafleur (Canton-accordion). Jason also provided the outdoor air-conditioning in the form of two giant fans. Guests attending were Johnny Fuselier (Mamou), Daniel Broussard and Michael Vincent (Baton Rouge), and David Bertrand's two boys who are learning the culture at a young age. One of David's boys, Josh, plays the guitar, so is very likely to end up with an accordion band someday. A cameo appearance by my daughter, Angie Vidrine, was a great treat. Although there were a couple of serious glitches (Sorry Johnny, Daniel and Michael. I'm getting too old for this-but not quitting!), the turnout was great, and so was the music.

Left to right, Bryan Lafleur, Jude Moreau, Josh Bertrand, David Bertrand with his youngest son, Christian Lejeune, Roland Guillory and Jason Vidrine.


Great News about L'Anse Grise School

I received new and exciting news on January 15, 2010. A very nice lady by the name of Mary K. Oneal Creamer, from Lumberton, Texas, contacted me by telephone to tell me that she actually had a picture of a group of children standing in front of L'Anse Grise School, that dates back to about 1915. I could hardly contain myself. The picture that she had was handed down to her by her grandmother, Miss Lula Bogard Oneal. The School was located about 1 mile north of the "Y" (Barber Spur-intersection of Hwy. 10 and 13), 1/4 miles west of Hightway 13, on the northwest corner of Lariat Lane and Rocky Lane. See the school picture.


Our January 14th, 2010 Possum Cookout was a huge success! Musicians on hand were, Cory McCauley, Jude Moreau, Steve Miller (the Fiddle Boy from New Jersey), Christian LeJeune (we'll hear more about him and his fiddling in the coming years), Bryan Lafleur and Roland Guillory (I played a couple licks on the guitar also). Guests were, Roland Guillory's wife, Rosabell, Steve Miller's wife, Cathy, Gary and Angie Vidrine, Jim Cundiff (trapper from Ohio), Darrel Fontenot, Sr., Darrel Fontenot, Jr. (who also did a little playing) and Mitch Benson. We had a huge pot of deer gravy and panse bourée, with blackeye peas and cold slaw. Not to be forgotten was the sausage bread made by Rosabelle Guillory and the syrup and blueberry sweet dough pies made by my wife, Pinky - delicious! The weather was a little unco-operative few times during the afternoon and evening, but we retreated to porch and didn't miss a beat. I almost forgot (again!) to take pictures, but here a few that I took at the last moment: cookout pictures. Already working on next year.


Everything is set, our Possum Cook-out (Cook-off wasn't quite appropriate) is scheduled for Sunday, February 14th. Turtle sauce piquante and deer gravy are on the menu. It appears that the weather will be good for the cookout and Mardi Gras. I am very much looking forward to it. More later.



Where has the time gone? 2009 is already coming to a close and 2010 is almost upon us. We hope that everyone had a great Christmas. One of our favorite holidays is now just around the corner - Mardi Gras - February 16th. We have begun to plan our annual Possum Cook-off, which will be on Sunday afternoon/evening, February 14th. I don't know if a possum will show up for the pot, but, we will have something else as a back-up. If any of you are interested in attending, just contact me at or or Bryan at , to put your name in the pot so that we're sure to have enough cooked. More later.

I have heard from the Vidrine Church group and they tell me that they're planning to put on their Children's Mardi Run again this year. I'm looking forward to their visit again. Randy Deshotels or Father Sibley are the ones to contact for more information.

Have a safe and Happy New Year.


Our 2009 Possum Cook-off, held on Sunday, January 22, 2009, was a success this year. Again, no possums showed up, so, we substituted squirrel. There was plenty to eat and drink. Bryan made us a batch of gratons that were delicious. I cooked a batch of boudin and Pinky had prepared 4 of her great sweet-dough pies, one coconut, one blueberry, one fig and one syrup. All were declared good. The cooking started at about 2 o'clock; the music got started at about 3 or 4 o'clock and didn't stop until about 9-10 that night. We had a very good turnout. Besides my wife, Pinky, and I, attending were, Mike Hébert, and his girl friend, Dana, Cory McCauley and his wife, Lisa, Roland Guillory and wife, Rosabelle, Brian Marshall, Tod Marshall, Tom Marshall (the Marshalls are from Houston, Texas) Darrel "Blue" Fontenot, Sr. and Darrel "Te Blue" Fontenot, Jr. To our chagrin, Rocky Sexton (Ohio/Illinois), after 16 straight years of attending Mardi Gras in south Louisiana, was unable to attend because medical problems in his family. We sincerely hope that he will be able to get on tract next year and join us again.

We are also very excited to learn that the Vidrine community church has put on their first of, what hopefully will be an annual, Children's Mardi Gras run. We were privileged to receive a visit from them this morning (Tuesday).  We watched as they had fun dancing for us, and doing a chicken chase in the yard. Pictures of their visit can be seen here: 2009 Vidrine Children's Mardi Gras.


The 2009 L'Anse Grise Boucherie last Saturday (January 17, 2009) went pretty much without a hitch, except for a slightly chilly wind, which kept a few invitees from attending. Our goals, as far cooking a bevy of pork boucherie dishes, were accomplished. A side of pork (with ribs) was cooked in a "Cajun Microwave," a pork stew, which was really good, rice dressing ("farre"), graton, hogs head cheese, with quite a few sweet potatoes, all went pretty well. There was plenty of music by Cory McCauley, Jude Moreau, Bryan Lafleur, Bobby Michot, Roland Guillory, and even I got in a few licks. Looking forward to possibly inproving the boucherie for next year.

There are a few pictures of the event here: 2009 Boucherie

Below is a YouTube video of the boucherie.



The 2009 Boucherie

As of this writing, it appears that we will have another invitational boucherie, which is scheduled for January 17, 2009. This one will be a "faux-boucherie," in that, like our first one 2 years ago, we will buy a half hog ready to be cut up to fix the different dishes that we plan to have, such as gratons, boudin, rice dressing, backbone (pork chop) stew, and probably a side of hog grilled over a fire. Last year's full boucherie was mired by rain and cold temperatures. This, combined with a late start, made for an "almost" flop, but, the music and the fellowship was outstanding. More later.


New information on the name, L'Anse Grise, was recently discovered while searching the Evangeline Parish School Board minutes. (See About L'Anse Grise below) In the minutes of October of 1916, "L'Anse Grise School" is mentioned. This research has not been completed yet, so, more information is possible. The L'Anse Grise school was located on the northwest corner of Rocky Lane and Lariat Lane, 1/2 mile west of Highway 13. The school was in operation before 1916, but no exact date has been found as of yet. The school was still in use at least until sometime around 1933, and maybe a little later. More later, hopefully.


For those of you who have been looking for the Ville Platte Gazette on line, they have heard you. Check this link Ville Platte Gazette. The Gazette had been on line a few years ago, but then, went off. Now they're back. Thanks to Mike Hébert for this information.


About L'Anse Grise

L'Anse Grise is a small community located on Highway 13, approximately 1.5 miles north of the intersection of Highway 10 and 13 (Barber Spur), in Evangeline Parish, Louisiana. The population is approximately 200.

L'Anse Grise is French for "Gray Cove." "Anse" is one of the many French nautical terms used in South Louisiana and means "cove." The common erroneous translation for the name is Gray Point, which, in French, would be "Pointe Grise." To date, it isn't known when L'Anse Grise acquired it's name or why, but ongoing research may one day provide that information. The earliest recorded use of the name L'Anse Grise, or its most popular, and incorrect, translation, Gray Point, found so far, is 1928. It is found in the Vidrine Elementary School record of Nelson Johnson, who was living in L'Anse Grise when he registered at the Vidrine school in 1928 (original records and extracts in possession of Dowell Lafleur). Worth noting is the school record of Francis Aucoin, registered at the Vidrine school in 1935, whose birth place is listed as "Grey Cove," which is the proper English translation of L'Anse Grise.

If anyone has more information on the L'Anse Grise name, please contact Dowell Lafleur.


The website will remain on line to be used for information and news about the area, and for communication through the comments/guestbook page and the message board (forum). Please visit the comments/guestbook page and message board and post as often you would like. Thanks to all who have already signed in and posted. If you have an interesting story about the area that would be appropriate for the website, please share it with the us. My email address is; phone no. 599-2046, or 468-5195.

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